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2D RPGs a Go-Go

Been working on a 2D RPG for a while.
So far I have implemented,

AStar Path Finding
TileSet Loading
MessageBox System
Map Layering(I'm actually considering making a game that allows users to dig down onto other levels, and be able to see what is on levels below them. Harder to implement in top view as it is hard to simulate depth)
XML Definitions for loading in CharacterSets
Map Loading and Saving
Here's a picture but I can post a small demo if you like.

I know it's not some impressive next to 3D engines but for my needs it should work pretty well.

Also, yes I am using RPG Maker character sets. As I've allowed for multiple tileSizes for the Map and for TileSets I may make the game use 64x64 character sets and allow for the dynamic creation of characters. I.E. bitmaps containing heads, feet, bodies, that can all be joined together to make a NPC/Player.

I'm also using Vertex Arrays for Rendering, but inefficiently as I put each tile in a temp array and upload it. This is due to a issue I'm having with texture coordinates I cant seem to fix. I can upload the test app I was working on to try to get texture coordinates to work right if anyone wants to see if they can fix it :D


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Update to my engine, text boxes now auto fill their content, also images are easily displayed, as seen with Reggie here telling us all about how he got a burn notice.

Also displayed is the Windows Form that I have attached to the window for map editing, npc placement, etc.

I cheated a bit by creating a seperate window and just having the coordinates of the editor window snap to the top-left edge of the game window. Works well enough but if there was a way to have a MDI + GameWindow I'd be all for it.

Maps are entirely XML now, had a couple of troubles with serialization, but eventually got it worked out.

I could probably post a demo if anyone is interested, the code itself I probably wont release, this is more of a spare time project so it's not neat or even bug checked at all. Also I feel it's a bit too unstable due to the way I programmed it. If I rewrote it, it'd be about 100 times better I believe. Alas I dont have the time.

Also thanks to objarni for creating the Texture Loader for OpenTK, the text functions and image loading really helped out

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great job!

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Really nice 2D RPG engine!