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Yesterday the number of registered OpenTK users hit the 1K mark. Yes, there's some spambots in here as well, but that isn't going to stop us, now is it?
I am really looking forward to the OpenTK 1.0 final release. With its help I dare say we will hit 2000 before the end of the year.

Thank you for such a great toolkit and keep up the excellent job!


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Awww, and I only missed it by 3. Congratulations, great work!

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Heh, I was keeping an eye out for this, but Nythrix beat me to it! :)

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I let it be for about a day or so but since no one reacted I went on with it. I probably should've sent you a notifying PM :)
Is there a way of telling the number of active (i.e. non-blocked) accounts?