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Some NeHe Lessons ported to OpenTK

Hi folks,

Yesterday I've started playing around with this great project and I've ported some NeHe Lessons (2 to 12) for familiarization with the code. I tested on Linux (OpenSuse 11.2/Mono 2.6/OpenTK Trunk Version) and Windows XP through VirtualBox where I had some troubles with opengl32.dll, but I think that's a problem with VirtualBox driver.

For compilation in Visual Studio, F5 does the job. In MonoDevelop you must 'xbuild' in src directory, or copy the data directory to .bin/debug/.

I will continue to port the lessons and as soon I get some work done I'll post here.

Remembering that's a very basic starter kit only for OpenGL newbies.

Download from here.




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looks good. :-)

Good work and thanks for sharing.

Regards, ...