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Space game: the return.

Back when I first discovered OpenTK, one of the first projects I embarked on was a game I named Hoshi (original post on it).
For various reasons I discontinued this.

Recently I've started a "game a month" style thing and Hoshi seemed a good idea to revisit, so I've completely rewritten the engine and today I'm releasing it.

The full devblog for it is here.
A video of the new engine all running smoothly is here.

EDIT: Fixed version downloadable here.

Sound obviously relies on OpenAL, so that needs to be installed.
Supports custom keys and Joystick controls in the options menu.

It should work on Linux and OS X although I've not tested it on either, the OpenTK.dll.config file is included anyway.


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Pretty cool. Keeps crashing on me after a few minutes and I have no idea why.

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Are the sounds working?
Not having OpenAL installed seems to cause it to crash randomly instead of consistently.
At least that's what I gather from feedback, I haven't tested without OpenAL myself.

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This is surprisingly addictive! How do I shoot a boss shot? (Cannot take that boogie down!)

Runs fine on Linux (Ubuntu 10.04 amd64) but no sound, unfortunately. I'm getting a "connection refused" error but I don't know whether that's an OpenAL issue or not. Are you passing any non-default parameters to the AudioContext constructor?

Edit: sound seems to be playing fine in Examples.exe (that comes with OpenTK), so this might mean that some specific parameter is not supported by my OpenAL Soft implementation.

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I messed up with the paths to the sounds on Linux (wrong slash), that's why they don't work there.
Here's a version with fixed paths.
The sound code is largely taken from the OpenTK examples using my own wrapper.

You have to kill all the 'escort' ships before you can fire boss shots. If you run out of boss shots the escort ships will respawn. The boss should try and stay away from you until all the escort ships are dead, the AI routines could do with some cleaning up though.
Also, it seems to run a LOT better under Linux (Xubuntu 10.04) than Windows (win7 x64) for some reason. Fullscreen especially.

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Aha, I see. Later gauntlets are much more fun, too!