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Enum: EXT Blendfunc Separate (Version14) [done!]

Function affected:

old: BlendFuncSeparate( Version14 sfactorRGB, Version14 dfactorRGB, Version14 sfactorAlpha, Version14 dfactorAlpha );
new: BlendFuncSeparate( BlendingFactorSrc sfactorRGB, BlendingFactorDest dfactorRGB, BlendingFactorSrc sfactorAlpha, BlendingFactorDest dfactorAlpha );

The new function is not 100% correct (the BlendingFactor* enums contain a few more tokens than what is accepted by BlendFuncSeparate according to spec), but avoids creating new enums that largely hold duplicate tokens. It sure beats the old function, where Version14 would not offer any valid parameter.

        // add to Enum: GetPName
        BlendDstRgb = ( (int) 0x80c8 ), 
        BlendSrcRgb = ( (int) 0x80c9 ),
        BlendDstAlpha = ( (int) 0x80ca ),
        BlendSrcAlpha = ( (int) 0x80cb ),