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New release: OpenTK 0.3.7 alpha!

Life has been busy the last few weeks, but a new release is here. Download from Sourceforge!

    What's new

  • New build system. Gone are the scripts and batch files used to build OpenTK. You now type 'build net' (Windows) or 'mono Build.exe mono' (Linux) to build the net or mono version respectively. Read the Instructions.txt file to find out the build options.
  • Improved OpenGL interface, with ref/out overloads and a generic GLenum type. Consider the following example:
    // OpenTK 0.3.6 code - ugly
    int[] texture = new int[1];
    GL.GenTextures(1, texture);

    You can now write:

     // OpenTK 0.3.7 code - better!
    int texture;
    GL.GenTextures(1, out texture);

    It's may not seem like a big change, but it is rather convenient.

    The generic GLenum type contains every single opengl constant. In previous versions, you had to cast from/to integers for opengl functions like TexParameteri - this is no longer the case:

    // OpenTK 0.3.6
    GL.TexParameteri (Enums.TextureTarget.TEXTURE_2D, Enums.TextureParameterName.TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER, (int) Enums.TextureMagFilter.LINEAR);
    // OpenTK 0.3.7
    GL.TexParameteri (Enums.TextureTarget.TEXTURE_2D, Enums.TextureParameterName.TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER, Enums.GLenum.LINEAR);
  • Several bugs concerning Mac OS X, 64bit platforms and the OpenTK.Framework have been fixed. OpenTK now mostly works on 64bit platforms - there are some small problems under linux (like X restarting :) ), but these will be taken care of when the new GLContext is introduced.

I strongly encourage you to upgrade OpenTK to 0.3.7, as it is better tested and more stable. If you have any suggestions for the next version, now is the time to air your opinion in the forums!