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Activision Independent Games Competition

Since some of you are working on games, this is certainly worth mentioning: Activision is running a contest and it's first stage started today and is lasting until august 2010. The entries are judged 40% General Idea, 40% Design/Gameplay/Artistic Innovation, 10% Execution Plan and 10% Presentation. It is not a requirement that the entry must be complete.
You have a chance to win 1st prize $175k and 2nd prize $75k. The catch is that you (or a member of the team) mus be US citizen and that Activision wants an option on the publishing deal for the final product, plus a splash screen. More accurate and detailed information may be found here:

This is merely a friendly reminder that Activision is currently running a game development competition. Maybe one of you is the new Sid Meier. OpenTK is in no way affiliated with either Activision or the contest, and we certainly cannot be blamed for anything you do after reading this.