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I just want to tell everyone who has contributed to this project how incredibly awesome you are.
I have not been programming OpenGL stuff for about 2 years, but I'm getting back into it. And with this cool library I'm looking even more forward to it. All that ugly ugly plumming code neatly tucked away. Thanks you guys. You are awesome!


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I would like to thank you also.
When I have start to learn about graphics of computer games and how this is all worked with the GPU card, the stereotype was "OpenGL is already dead and DirectX won the fight", "DirectX is the future", "DirectX is faster" and blah blah blah...(I stared to learn in 2007). Today I know how to deal with DirectX(SlimDX and XNA).
I started using OpenTK only in the last two weeks, and it's so much great! I have always thought that OpenGL is lame and so useless against DirectX(Microsoft manipulations...). But then when I searched articles about why to use XP and not Vista / 7 I find an amazing article(I recomend you to read this) that totally has changed my opinion:
Why you should use OpenGL and not DirectX
So I started to search on google a wrapper for .Net in this words: OpenGL for .NET and find out CsGL. There was only one problem- it's dead since 2003! And then I find out it's move into Tao project, but it also has been gone(I didn't find OpenTK yet that contain also Tao project). So then I stared to freak out "Who killed the .NET wrappers for OpenGL?", but I dicided to search more and suddenly I found that: best-opengl-wrapper-for-mono-and-net( the " " is because the spam filter)
And I was amazed how big and awsome is this project! And I saw how powerful is OpenGL and that it is false that it's so much messy. Now another important thing that I realy like about the Fiddler:
He always cares for the performance about the context switch(managed->unmaged and CPU->GPU)! Managed DirectX, XNA and even SlimDX - does not pay attention as OpenTK(becouse of the DirectX code style).
So I realy would to thank you very much as hkon!

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I wanna say it too!!! You are real cool!)) Because you made really good and right framework for multimedia! When I had seen Tao Framework I was horrified! But OpenTK is instrument of high quality! Good luck in future ;-)

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OpenTK rocks!!!