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Physics engine and OpenTK

This is a small example of what can be done with the physics engine Jitter and OpenTK.

Regards, ...

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Tal wrote:

Jitter is the basic staff...
The others are bigger than Jitter, but it's unmanaged code.
Jitter's advantage is that it's fully managed code, which mean faster(not a wrapper).

Try Matali Physics, cross-platform, fully manage, works with XNA, SlimDX and OpenTK out of the box

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Hi, stereo

Matali Physics problem is that it is for evaluation purposes only and not for any commercial or non-commercial use.

Jitter Physics is free for non-commercial use.

There is another alternative, JiglibX, is written entirely in c# but it needs a little work to adapt the library to work with OpenTK. It is designed to work on XNA.

The problem is that Jitter is being developed by the author of JiglibX, this makes me believe that the development of JiglibX not going to continue and will collect in the current version.

The ultimate solution is a port of ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) to C #. The easiest way to do this is port the project written in Java ode4j
ode4j to C # using an automatic translation tools, I have tried with an Eclipse plugin but have not succeeded.


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So far, the discussion focus on physics engine which is not managed and will therefore be slower than pure c#.
One of the reasons why I would like to make the community here aware of bulletsharp is that the c++ engine has a OpenCL version.
I hope the developer of Bulletsharp (done in CLI/C++) would also consider a wrapper to OpenCL. If this is going to speed up significantly compared to pure c# - is yet to be evaluated. I am glad that there is some interest in this topic among OpenTK users to hear the different views.

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I must state that depending on the needs of the project, for some, lightweight physics engine is more than adequate, however, for the ones which requires certain physics which is not available in the lightweight engine, than having a more heavyweight physics engine supported by opentk users is a good alternative.

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Hi! I currently changed the scene to a simpler one and added the newest version of Jitter. It works quite well. Thanks to migueltk!
(Download here: http://jitter-physics.com/JitterOpenTK.zip )