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3D texture size

Hi again,
I have a problem with 3D texture, I think with its size. I'm creating a cube of 512x512x96x1 voxels and it is displayed correctly with shaders. But when I'm increasing size of this cube it doesn't display at all (black cube). As I calculated it looks like I can only upload about 24MB of 3d texture to the video memory (!?).

I'm working on Win 7 with NVidia FX 1600M. I have to say that some time ago I worked with 512x512x125x2 cube with no problems (but without shaders!).

Thanks for any help!


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OK, I think I have solved it.

I have found that the problem is the voxel size. I have been doing 3d texture in ubyte array and passed it as a UnsignedByte array:

byte[] voxels;
//texture generation process
GL.Ext.TexImage3D(TextureTarget.Texture3D, 0, PixelInternalFormat.Luminance, 
                 w, h, d, 0, PixelFormat.Luminance, <b>PixelType.UnsignedByte</b>, voxels);

But after I'd changed it to float I was able to generate and display 512x512x512x1 float 3d texture.

I'm really not sure why the byte array doesn't work above 512x512x96... Can anyone explain it to me?

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Now I solve it and explained it:

GL.PixelStore(PixelStoreParameter.UnpackAlignment, 1);
GL.PixelStore(PixelStoreParameter.PackAlignment, 1);

solved the problem of the 3d texture size with uchar. These options are necessary to tell OpenGL to align bytes in memory one by one - like uchars, not like floats.

I think this topic may now be closed.

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HI Szamil,

Are you implementing the texture3d together with transfer function for volume or texture3d rendering? I hope to learn how to do it. Do you have internet site with OpenGL codes that I could learn how to do it in OpenTK. Thanks.

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Hi - this should help. I've learn a lot from this blog. This is not exactly for OpenGL but he explains general idea and gives examples. Very useful.


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Yes, I have seen it, I wonder if I need to port it to OpenTK, I may need to learn GLSL, another advance topic for me. :-(

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You may simply use shader from this blog - works fine.
You may also try Render Monkey software to learn GLSL as well as read OpenGL Bible.

Good Luck!