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How to creat a 3D scene and model?

Hello every one, i want to creat a 3D scene and model, but iI don't kown how to do it.
Can anyone tell me how to do it?

Maybe you think it's simple, but to me, a begainer, I don't kown.

Just give me a hand~~

Thank you avance!!


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I suggest using Blender because it's free and has all the features you will ever need.

You can start learning about using Blender here.

Most OpenTK users are programmers that use 3D models instead of creating them. You can find other Blender users here, that are mostly artists.

Learning 3D modeling is a long journey, it will take some time. I think that mostly you will be interesting in manipulating scenes with pre-made geometry, other than creating them from scratch. You can find tons of free Blender models. Just to mention one link... But remember that practice makes you perfect.

Good luck! :D