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want to develop a 3d based software in visual c# 2010 for creating building

Hello everybody,
I want to develop a 3d based software in visual c# 2010 for creating building in which i want to rotate it in a 3d dimension, control its floor hight /width, pillars, number of floors and place crowd inside it etc.

I am new in 3d graphics and c# is my favourite programming language and i know a lot about it. I also have an idea about XNA, OpenTK and Taoframework. XNA is totally irrelevant if we talk about openGL in C#. The other two relates to bindings libraries between c# and openGL.

Please help me what type of tool i can use with visual c# 2010 for developing this software keeping in mind the following things
1. XNA 3.1 works with VS2008 only.
2. I am interested to involve openGL so what is the better library i can use in opentk and tao framework.
3. Any other tool by which i can achieve this goal.
4. Can i achieve it with DirectX also?

with the best regards

Thank You


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If you've already got visual studio or any other ide you don't really need any extra tools besides opentk. Yes you could do the same with directX but then you're limited to the windows platform.

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Thankyou Sir. actually so many technologies confusing me what to use for it. I want my project to be portable in any platform. Please give me idea or specific tutorials lists by which i can get help starting my project. regards

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Check this out made by migueltk, it's a complete example.

These tasks covered in the example:
- create 3D geometry (colored boxes)
- navigate the camera around the OpenGL environment

What else you have to do:
- construct the building proceduraly (in this case because it's easier)

Buf finally, you will decide what sort of application you want. I don't understood exactly your request, but your choices are these:

1. Simulate rigid bodies (entertainment - inaccurate) like games.
2. Simulate a building damage system (scientific - accurate) like blast-fx.

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Hi, ..

Check this out ....

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There's definitely a lot of stuff out there so it's easy to get side tracked. If you want portability OpenGL (or OpenTK) is the way to go. A good place to start would be to check out the documentation section on the site, it'll show you how to setup a basic project with a render window. Once you've got your render window setup just start reading tutorials online and check out a couple of books .

Nehe Tutorials has tons of tutorials on opengl:

Keep in mind that they're a little out dated so a lot of the tech isn't used anymore but it's still a good place to learn the basics.

Light House 3d has some good stuff to:

Most of the tutorials you'll find are written in c++ but the opengl stuff is pretty much the same and it's really easy to convert to opentk syntax (intellisense really helps). for example:




As far as books go I would very highly recommend the opengl superbible it'll teach you all the basics about 3d graphics like transformation matrices etc. Then check out the Red and blue opengl books. Unfortunately most of the books out there are out of date, but again they'll teach you all the basics. If you want specifics you can check out the OpenGL Spec and if you have any questions check back at this forum or you can try the forums on or Hope that helps. You've got a lot of reading ahead of you :)