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Compiling errors from OpenTK.Examples

Project:The Open Toolkit demo
Category:support request

When I compile OpenTK.Examples, an error comes out as following:

Error 1 Cryptographic failure while signing assembly 'C:\Products\OpenTK\Examples\obj\Debug\Examples.exe' -- 'Error reading key file 'c:\Products\OpenTK\Examples\OpenTK.snk' -- The system cannot find the file specified. ' OpenTK.Examples

I use Visual studio 2008 and Window 7. Please help. Thanks!


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This is a packaging issue, please re-run Build.exe and select "vs9" as the project type.

Alternatively, you can perform a fresh SVN checkout from

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I have just gitted gitroot and the solution won´t build under VS2010 or VS2008. This is the detail:

Error 7 'OpenTK.Graphics.OpenGL.VertexAttribPointerType' does not contain a definition for 'Bgra' C:\Users\fdelgado\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\OpenTK\opentk\demo\OpenTK.Graphics\Enums\VertexDataType.cs 39 23 OpenTK.Graphics

If I delete the couple of references to that Bgra element, the demo builds but currently does not run (W7 64bits)


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Oops, this is a 1-year old copy of the demo project. I had forgotten this even existed!

I will be releasing an alpha version with full source over the next couple of days. Or even today, if I can find suitably-licensed textures!

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Maybe this helps?

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It does, thanks!