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Colorer5 GLSL scheme

Hello guys!

I wasn't able to find any GLSL highlight scheme for Colorer5 system (http://colorer.sourceforge.net/), so I created my own.

You can find it in the KRI sources:

It's made for the Core profile only, but knows every keyword in it (yes, all samplers & texture instructions present).
It doesn't have any KRI-specific rules at the moment.

In order to use it, you should add the GLSL section to the colorer5/hrc/colorer.hrc:

  <prototype name="glsl" group="main" description="GLSL">
    <location link="custom/glsl.hrc"/> <!--this is where you download the file to-->
    <filename>/\.(glsl|glslf|glslv|glslg)$/i</filename> <!--the enumeration of file extensions to support-->

I hope it's not only me who needs this.
I'm using Bred3 text editor (it has Colorer5 support) under Windows for editing GLSL.



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Thanks! Sound good!