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Shader and multi OpenTK context

Project:The Open Toolkit library
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I have the following problem. I have a winform with two OpenTK contexts and one single shader (Fragment and Vertex) in a 3.0 forward context. When I try to render something in thoses contexts, only one context is ok and the other context draw junk (matrix problem I guess...). If I make the *same* rendering with two different shaders program instances (one context has its own shader, but exactly the same shader) everything is OK.

So my question is, does shaders are shared beetwen contexts ? Is there any work around ?


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Shaders should be shared between contexts. Are other resources (e.g. textures) shared correctly?

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Yes textures are shared correctly, it's a really strange behaviour.

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From reading the specs, it seems that shaders should be shared. One thing that comes to mind is that changes to the state of one context are not immediately visible to the second context: try checking whether the program is linked and valid in the second context before using it.

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You were right. My framework shader cache detected that I was trying to bind the same shader, but not in different context...

Thank you !

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You are welcome. :)