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Simple Benchmark

Hi there guys, I just made a simple benchmark test today.
All I do in it is to:
(1) Call the Run() method with no parameters (it uses it's own internal values), plus...
(2) I made an FPS calculation mechanism to be called from OpenTK's Update.

Now though, I wonder how possible is for this test to provide "exact" FPS calculation. As far as I saw on OpenTK's source code, there are bits of code that lock variables (i.e. updates_per_second must be from 0 to 200...) I think that affect real and "raw" results in sake of the OpenTK framework.

Do you think that if I could override (or bypass) the Run method to get "real" values?

P.S: Otherwise, OpenTK is just fine as it is and I won't bother to benchmark it anymore ;). Here the code I made http://www.mediafire.com/?5d1ypgaybmv
fell free to do it whatever you like. :)

C ya!


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Sounds nice, thanks! If you set the TargetUpdate/RenderFrequency to 0, it will "unlock" the relevant setting making it go full speed. (Missing documentation, I know, things will be better in the next release)