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2D (vector) API / library on top of OpenTK?

Hey folks,

First time poster.

I've been playing with OpenTK the past few days and like what I see. I am building a cross-platform 2D diagramming editor tool (C# of course) which needs to be able to draw a mix of non-animated raster and vector images at high speed. I need to support Windows and Mac OSX. I saw what looked like the beginning of what I'm looking for, but it appears to have been scrapped.

* My experiements with GDI+ revealed that it was a bit too slow for what I needed, and Mono differences in GDI impl were far too great. That's out.

* I can't use XNA, and that's Windows only. That's out.

* SDL (C# bindings) has restrictive GPL for 1.2, or commercial for 1.3. I like free and truly open. That's out.

* Agate requires .Net 3.5 (crazy!) according to it's site, we're .Net 2.0 only (must run on base Vista)

The most logical solution is to use some form of OpenGL bindings. So I started looking into OpenTK.

I particularly like the GLControl as whatever solution I use needs to integrate with Windows Forms.

However, there is a lot missing from OpenGL (and thus OpenTK) for it to be considered even a a mid-level 2D graphics API, including virtually no support for higher end vector graphics or scene management.

Has anybody built a general purpose 2D library on top of OpenTK that would buy me some development velocity? Or perhaps even a C OpenGL 2D library that has some C# bindings or is P/Invoke friendly?

Any advice here would be most welcome...



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Take a look into Clutter. It is a 2d vector library based on OpenGL / OpenGL ES with a pretty nice API. It is LGPL 2.1 and AFAIK comes with .Net bindings out of the box (search for clutter-sharp).

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Minor addition: SDL (as well as the .NET wrapper) is LGPL not GPL. Additionally SDL 1.3 has a commercial license option.

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You could check out the Drawingboard project at Codeplex .

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Hi, ...

I think you'll like this, I just discovered.

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Or this other library. ZweiDe