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Static class for input devices lists?

The only way to get input via OpenTK(so I found) is the GameWindow. Even know GameWindow is a very powerful, I think that there should be another way to get the devices via OpenTK. I belive that a static class which will contain the reference to all the devices(also all the keybord and the mice just as joysticks do). Becouse if I build a class that requires a KeyboardDevice what would happen if the "game is no GameWindow? I know that there are Keboard and Mouse classes(I know that they're not implemented yet), but I think that using KeyboardDevice/MouseDevice is the optional way(what would happen in multi-keboard/mice?).
So I know it could be only my opinion, but do you think it's good and it should be that way?
By the way- If I wrong and my suggestion is already implemented, forgive me.


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Thanks! I'm glad you consider this!
This upcoming API sound very good.