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Errors while trying to generate bindings for 4.1

Hey there ^^

So...I've tried to generate bindings with the latest OpenGL specs.

Issues I've encountered:

  • at line 3365 in enum.spec there seems to be a typo: "ARB_future_use: 0x8262-0x82AF" should be commented out - but isn't - filed a bug report to Khronos
  • I get an InvalidOperationException in enum.spec at line 6360/61 "IMG_shader_binary" saying that this is an invalid constant definition - temporally solved by commenting out the line *g*
  • oh...and Generator.cs complains about a duplicate entry in with a dirty hack that prevents ReadTypeMap() from adding duplicate entries. Haven't found out the actual cause of this one...cause I can't see any duplicates in Further investigation planned ;)



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The revision was 2629 from trunk

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Thanks for helping The Fiddler with OpenTK!

I'm looking forward to use GL 4.x in a near future.

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May I suggest testing with the 1.0 branch? It contains a slightly more up-to-date version of the generator.

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Retried with 1.0 branch :)

The duplicate entry issue was my fault - there actually are duplicates in! Stupid me ;)

FramebufferTarget and

are all redefined in EXT_direct_state_access.

EDIT: IMG_shader_binary lacked the enum keyword -
so...all bugs in the spec (it seems) , not in the bindings generator :)

Glad I can help!