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ATI Catalyst 10.7

Yesterday i installed in my system the ATI Catalyst driver 10.7, since that moment opentk doesn't work anymore..
Any suggestions other than install previous driver version?


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After the Fiddler fixed this problem I updated local and tried to run my application, there was a critical error but i did not have time to struggle so I delayed. Today I investigated the problem and found that any function call like Functions.XXX failed (MethodAccessException). Attached shows the first exception, but I tried to mangle with the debugger by step through and setting values but no help.

I tried to set SecuritySafeCritical attribute to Functions or SuppressUnmanaged... attribute to EnumDisplayDevices function but both have failed

Using: Win7 32 Bit, ATI HD 4650, Catalyst 10.7

Edit: There were no issues before Catalyst 10.7 or 1.0 branch code (I switched from rc1 to 1.x-dev after Catalyst installation)

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If you are compiling with VS2010 and/or for .Net 4.0, try adding NET40 to the project define settings. This should take care of the MethodAccessExceptions.

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Thank you very much! Solved the problem

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Hi i download the last svn release i compile with vs2008 now i have the exception but it doesn't work!
How to solve the problem?

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now i have the exception

What exception?


Hi i download the last svn release

Be sure to download the 1.0 branch, NOT the trunk.

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Thanks i downloaded the 1.0 branch but Opentk.compatibility doesn't compile in vs2010!
I checked the

#if NET40
[assembly: System.Security.SecurityRules(System.Security.SecurityRuleSet.Level1)]

and insert the Net40 define...but doesn't work!

Any suggestions?

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and insert the Net40 define

Verify that you defined it in the correct assembly and that it's all upper case.