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Out of memory errors when compiling as x86 on 64bit Win 7

I recently made the switch to windows 7 64bit. My application works perfectly under Windows XP. It also works if I compile it specifically as a x64 app. But if I try to compile as Any Cpu or I specify x86 I receive random out of memory errors from OpenGL. This only happens when i run it under windows 7. If i compile as any cpu and run it on a XP machine i don't have any issues. I've been compiling everything as x64, but now i'm being forced to compile in 32 bit since some of the libraries i'm using are 32bit only.

I'm running a Opengl 3.2 context on at Nvidia GTX280 with the latest drivers.
Windows 7 64bit and i recently installed all the updates.


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It doesn't look like opengl is the only thing reporting errors. I keep getting random out of memory errors. This is really maddening.... i'm about to reinstall windows xp. Does anybody have any idea what may cause this?