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Quake3 BSP & OpenTK (VisorQ3BSP)

Hi, ... Quake3 BSP & OpenTK (VisorQ3BSP) A union more powerful!

While surfing the Internet I found this and I could not resist the temptation to adapt the code to OpenTK. The code is a bit dirty, is not optimized (I tried to implement the multitextures, but I have not gotten) but here is available the source code.

VisorQ3BSP (Quake3 BSP loader-viewer)

In the future I hope to improve it, studies and documents, but now the time will not let me and I'd rather devote to other projects.

A small toy for the holidays, ...

Regards, ...



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Thank you, really I've only adapted the code to OpenTK. I regret not having more time to study the structure of the BSP map.

Regards, ...

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Thanks for the loader!

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Hi, Tal ...

The next step in the development of the project is to adapt the source code of this magnificent project Cake Engine. When time and work allows me I'll get to it.

Greetings and good programming ...