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I don't know how to use Cloo

I downloaded Cloo, but I can't figure out how to use it.

Should I execute Clootils.exe and write code on the screen and compile? or, should I write kernels in C99 and create a .cs file using Cloo project's classes?

If I can write a code and compile it using Clootils.exe, how should I write the code? Is there a tutorial or something to use Cloo?

I'm looking at the code files in Cloo project, but it takes too much time for me to figure out what these classes mean and how to use this project.

My questions are so basic because I'm a beginner.


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There are some samples in Clootils source. See "VectorAddTest.cs" file for a full example (creating buffers, setting kernel arguments, reading back results).
CMSoft (Tal's link) contains a lot of tutorials as well.

In order to get your feet really wet, consider reading through the OpenCL official specs and the Cloo documentation ("Documentation" folder).