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Generating C# wrapper from c++ headers.

Ok So i know this is somewhat off topic but i don't really know where else to ask and seeing how OpenTK is a wrapper and i've always gotten good feedback here i figured why not?

Anyhow i'm trying to figure out how to create a wrapper from a c++ header file. Is it possible to do this automatically? I came across SWIG and P/Invoke Interop Assistant which seem to do what i need. I'm a total N00b in this field and wanted to know if this is the preferred way of creating a wrapper. Any help, hints tutorials on the subject would be greatly appreciated.


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You can use DLLImport attribute.
You need first to compile the c++ headers to one file(DLL), and then use that attribute to use them in .Net.
Also, if you need to send a struct via this method to unmanaged code, you need to rebuild that struct and use the
[StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential)] attribute.
Here is a guide how to do that:
You may ask now why there is no unmanaged DLL file for OpenTK? The reason is that OpenTK use this attribute(I guess):
[DllImport("opengl32.dll", ...]
And in a typical Windows OS for example, this file is located in C:\WINDOWS\system32, so there is no need to rebuild it, but in your case, there is.
Hope that this is what you ment and good luck!

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Thanks for the pointers Tal that article cleared up a couple of things. But what i was wondering is if there was a way to automatically generate the wrapper from a header, it would save me alot of time in the future. I've spent the last two days creating a basic wrapper for ffmpeg and it involved a lot of copying and pasting from the headers which was a lengthy semi brainless process.

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The P/Invoker app is supposed to do exactly that but i've yet to see it actually work...always crashes on the headers i've tried. I too would be interested if anyone knows of anything else that works.

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Some time ago I found out about a project that meant to compile several different languages into a common xml representation. Were that possible, it should be easy (if not trivial) to transform the xml into a set of p/invokes.

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find that project anymore. The closest thing I've found is GCC-XML which might work.