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OpenGL 4.1 support

Hi all!

I wrote graphical engine based on OpenGL 3.2 Core API some time ago. OpenTK was used for OpenGL binding and I really like it. Now, when OpenGL4.1 drivers are released, I'm about to start engine rewrite for OpenGL4.1, but OpenGL 4.1 support status in OpenTK slightly confuse me. Does OpenGL4.1 (with extensions) function signatures and constants present in OpenTK now? If not, may it be generated from .spec files?

On "Issues" page there are some issues named like "Add support for OpenGL 4.0 tokens", "[GL 4.0] Tessellation Shader" and so on. As I understand the problem is to update function arguments types and add new ones for new functions. Does this means that it is only problem and everything else may be generated from .specs? Does constants that needs to be grouped in function argument types and functions themselves already included in OpenTK source?
Although, there is issues about OpenGL 3.2 and 4.0 tokens, and nothing about OpenGL4.1 ones, why?

OpenTK source in SVN repo seem not to be updated frequently and recent updates is minor (as I understand) changes and bug-fixes, not related to modern OpenGL support. Maybe the_fiddler planned this to be done by OpenTK community? Or does this means that development is slowed down for any reasons? Some weeks ago I see post from guy, how tries to generate bindings for OpenGL 4.1 lib, I found no related commit in SVN. I'll be glad to dig into OpenTK too and join development in part of OpenGL 4.1 support, but a need to estimate complexity and scale of work before.

Thanks for your answers, I'm sorry about my awful english)


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Sorry to resurrect this topic,

Any news about OpenGL 4.1 support with OpenTK?

There is no low-level framework for multi-platform existing to work with OpenGL 4.1 and it seems this is the only one project starts to work on it seriously.

Thanks for informations.

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OpenGL 4.1 is fully supported in svn trunk (checkout instructions). A beta is coming soon.

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Great !

Last question about Osx (10.7, Lion) that will accept this summer OpenGL 3.2. Will OpenTK will be directly interfaced and available with this ?

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OpenTK should work on 10.7 but is currently untested. OpenGL support is determined at runtime: if you run OpenTK on a 2.1-capable system you'll be able to use 2.1 methods (newer ones will throw an exception); if you run it on a 3.2-capable system you'll be able to use 3.2 and so on.

I don't have access to an Apple system presently so I cannot test the library myself but I will try to fix any issues that arise. (Patches also welcome!)

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All of that make sense and is a great way to latest OpenGL support per system :)