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KRI YouTube channel

I've finally created a channel for the KRI engine:

Along with an old good dude there are nice volcano particles and an experimental Mandelbrot simulation.



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Nice volcano, but - like the mandelbrot - it is hard to see point sprites at 360p, higher resolution would be nice ;)
Are the deformations of the elbow at the right arm a product of abandoning all matrices and use quaternions, or a bad skin? Looks kinda odd, I cannot find a link atm but there's several Doom 3 characters around which are used in engine tests, maybe rather use a model that you can rely on to animate correctly to debug your animation system first, before using other models?

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The dude animation was a bit broken from the start: the artifact can be seen in both Blender and KRI.
Thanks for the hint about Doom characters - I'll give them a shot soon (hope there is a good Blender md5 importer plugin somewhere).
As for the resolution - I used Freez screen video capture program. Even with this small resolution videos occupied 15M on the 90% quality setting. I hope to find a better (fee) tool to make better video captures.