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Are there any plans to split out the System.Drawing and System.Windows.Forms-dependent parts of OpenTK into a separate assembly? With Mono one can distribute only the system DLLs necessary for a compact, included-with-the-game download, and if those two could be eliminated the base runtime becomes only ~2MB.


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I have long wished to remove these dependencies.

The sysdrawing branch is an attempt to remove System.Drawing from the build. IIRC the implementation is complete: it provides managed substitutes for the Size, Rectangle, Point and Icon classes and comments-out a number of functions that rely on Bitmap. The issue was that it would break the ABI completely, which I did not wish at that point, but I will probably include this at some future "2.0" version.

The WinForms dependency is completely internal and should be possible to remove with a little work. It's mainly used for window subclassing in the input drivers (exactly 9 references).

Patches welcome!