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Cloo on Win32

Hello everyone!

Today I came across a very annoying problem with Cloo, or rather with OpenCL in general.
Compilation of kernels under Win32 seems not to be possible in Windows Forms applications when using ATI Stream on a CPU device.
I cannot say what would happen on a GPU, as mine is from nVidia on the Win32 machine.

program.Build(...) does always crash in this cenario.
Calling the same for Geforce 9400m works just fine.

AMD GPU and Corei5 under Win64 works also perfectly.

This behaviour is obviously known, as the workaround is already implementd in Clootils (attach a console to the windowsforms process).
It took me the hole day to figure the solution. But anyway, can anyone tell me, why attiching a console does the tric?

Thanks a lot,



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This is a known bug in Ati's drivers. There are lots of threads on this at Ati's developer forums and it seems Ati is working on the issue.