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Vector3.Distance ??

Hi all,
Now I'm at a point, where I need a new method in OpenTK ^^
XNA have a ´Vector3-Method named Vector3.Distance(ref Vector3 val1, ref Vector3 val2. out float Distance);
It would be nice, if I could use this function in OpenTK the next time ^^
Or are there alternative usages for that?

Nice Reguards

(sorry for my bad English :/ )


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The distance between two vectors is the length of their difference, so (vec1 - vec2).Length should result in the same value.

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I tried but the errorbox shows me that it isn't possible to convert float in Vector3.
here is an example how I used

Vector3 v3 = (new Vector3(1, 2, 1) - new Vector3(1, 1, 1)).Length;


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XD uups
I see the reason now....

You're works :)
thank you