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Introducing OpenTK 0.9.0

At long last, OpenTK 0.9.0 is here! Inertia has joined the OpenTK development team, and has worked on many shiny new features (cheers!):

  • Massively improved OpenGL bindings. All core functions have specific enums now, no more hunting through the "All" or "VersionXY" enums to find out which token to use. *Much* more intuitive and elegant. Safer, too.
  • OpenAL support.: AL, ALC and ALUT bindings pave the way to audio! There's some work left for OpenAL extensions (XRam, EFX), context creation and audio format support - for now wavs play fine.
  • Rewritten input driver for Windows. Should be much more efficient, and works on Windows 9x and 2000, too.
  • Many minor and not-so-minor bugfixes in Math, Fonts and Input handling.

Check the Documentation/ folder for more details and the Release.txt file, which contains important information on moving from 0.3.13 to 0.9.0 (please read that!)

So what's with the version bump? This release is the second big milestone towards OpenTK 1.0: audio support. There is still a lot of way before 1.0, but the versions will now better reflect actual progress towards that.

In 0.9.1, we plan to introduce fullscreen support and enhancements to the audio API. Please report any bugs to the forums, so we have a chance to fix them.

Till next time!


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Great News :D

Regarding OpenAL:
AL, Alc and Alut are perfectly sufficient for your project, unless you're working on a Music authoring application or a 1st-Person-View game, where environmental occlusion, obstruction and exclusion of sounds do help the Player orientate.

This part of OpenAL (namely X-Ram and EFX Extensions) will be included in the next update. What those Extensions add to OpenAL are manual control of Buffer Object location in Ram, Filters, Effects and Effect Slots. The later 3 can modify the output of a source to create more sophisticated variations, than vanilla OpenAL 1.1

Edit: Work-In-Progress crashcourse can be found here:

Edit2: It seems I don't have authorization to remove the book pages from the News. Plz fix :>

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Fixed news. It seems the recent update broke content settings. :/ Permissions are rather confusing too, I'll re-check them.

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Great news indeed for all of us, users of opentk!
Keep up the good work, I can't wait for fullscreen support!

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Congratulation for this new version !

It become really nice lib now ! Thanks for all the time you spent to make this.
Maybe in 1.0 you will add the gtk widget to easily use it in gtk#, or even directly monodevelop like with visual studio !

Thanks again for this real good work !!!

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Thanks for you kind words!

Maybe in 1.0 you will add the gtk widget to easily use it in gtk#, or even directly monodevelop like with visual studio !
Before 1.0, for sure. The exact version when it will be added is a matter of priorities, but code contributions sure help get things done faster ;)

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good news. i just want to use it for developing of geological model. thanks.

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me too

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Before 1.0, for sure.
Really ? that is a really nice news !! Thanks !
About contributions, i still don't have matched lots of things ! I just uses gtkglarea-sharp where i replace on the exemple the Tao code by the OpenTK code. I still don't have make new projet to start from scratch to see exactly how to use it greatly...