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obj loader doesn't work at all

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The obj loader doesn't work for at least the last two revisions. The obj loader doesn't seem to load anything: Nothing appears on the screen, whereas the other loaders DO show something. And also, there's not even a File.Exists() check for the models path!!

And what the hell are all these stupid comments?
This comes literally from this project:

// I fucking hate all this fucking pure-fucking-object fucking bullshit.

I don't mind a joke now and then, but enough is enough. You don't provide enough comments in your code and all you do is make useless remarks of how frustrated you are.
If you can't handle the stress run around the corner, but don't write it down where people expect helpful information about how you made things. It's extremely unprofessional.



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It's extremely unprofessional.

Then don't use it, write your own and publish it, certainly lots of people will benefit from it!

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Hello, Nikke

Criticism should be constructive. To say that nothing works, does not solve anything, you have the source code, study it, change what does not work, delete the comments you do not like, ask for help on this forum, looking for information online, create a new project and better.

I spent years studying graphics programming with OpenGL and I still have much to learn.

And believe me, create an open source project costs a lot of effort and time and we must respect the work of others.

Regards, ...

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Hi migueltk,

I'm sorry if my post came over too harsh: I really want to give you constructive criticism. I also didn't say nothing works: I like your library, but I got annoyed when it simply didn't show anything, without any information on what might be the problem. The obj loader doesn't work: If you open the very last version, and simply run the DisplayMesh project it will just show a blue screen.

And as a matter of fact, I would to contribute, but contributing is hard if I can't even get your initial code to work. Can you help me out?


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Whenever I'm working with open source projects I always find these sort of comments amusing. They're kind of like hidden easter eggs. lol

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Hi, ...

True, Mechomatic not work, if you want the project should contact the author and try to solve the problem.

Perhaps you are interested in this project Salmon-viewer is a 3DS model viewer is written using Tao framework but it will not be difficult to adapt to OpenTK. The download link gives you a change to the project so that you can more easily debug.

Regards, ...