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Triangulation from closed paths .

Today, OpenGL has updated to 4.1 and 3.3.
It can express high-quality graphics. But recently, it lost GLU functions. So tessellation method can't be used.
Therefore, it has been difficult to make polygonfont .

Now I made a method that tessellates from closed paths into triangles .
It also have a method that creates closed paths of outline fonts .
This code is not excellent and not improved so much, but if there is someone who wants to create polygonfont, please use this freely.

Thank you .


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Wow, the result looks nice though I can't really follow the code :)

There was a crash when executing a debug build, you should add an early exit to your resize/paint method that check if the Load function was already called (otherwise OpenGL calls will throw an exception, and Resize may be triggered before Load finished).

Thanks for posting your code!

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I couldn't know that bug because Load functions makes no problem in my environment.
Executing in various environment can notice a lot of problem for us .
Thank you for noticing for me .