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OpenGL Graphical User Interface

Hi, ...

I just finished adapting to C# the project AssortedWidgets and I decided to share. It is a "Graphical User Interface" on OpenGL using OpenTK. Serve this work for anyone who wants to implement a GUI or as a base code for their own GUI.
Adaptation is not complete, but I have implemented the most useful widgets and the rest is easy to port from C++.
The text fonts requires an improvement, but enough and look good when you use a font of 10.


A small toy, enjoy it.

Regards, ...



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that's cool~~~
that's what i want~

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Thanks Toanso ...

I just adapted the code from c++. There are many things that can be improved, for example, the system layout may not work well and look for the problem is very complicated. The good news is that both windows and linux is the same appearance.
The next project I have in mind is a GUI named "CsGUI" much better than this.

Regards, ...