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Newb Question

I apologize in advance for such newb questions, but I'd like to save myself a bit of time, if I could.

I need to create a wireframe viewer in which the user selects both the wireframe and the skin of the wireframe. Basically, the user will be selecting a car and the car's color and other visual features of the car. The user then needs to be able to rotate the wireframe and zoom in and out

I've already done this using Adobe AIR and Papervision 3D, but the performance was horrible. My wireframes can get quite complex (10k polygons). My understanding is that DirectX dramatically improves performance because it uses the GPU to do at least part of the work whereas AIR and Papervision are dependent upon the CPU.

The questions:
1. Is my understanding correct?
2. Can I use Open TK to create a C# application to display a 10k-polygon wireframe and get decent performance as the user manipulates it?
3. If so, how do I get started?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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1. You should look up the difference between DirectX and OpenGL (OpenTK only supports the later), but what you're saying about offloading work to the GPU is correct.
2. Performance depends on your platform, a cellphone or microwave oven might struggle with 10k, but state of the art gaming cards will be bored. Allowing the user to view your model from different angles is no problem.
3. http://www.opentk.com/doc
or launch OpenTK's Examples.exe program to get some orientation.

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Thanks, inertia. I'll take a look.