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[solved] Video as background in OpenGL

Hi guys,

I need a video behind a few OpenGL-objects. What's the best way to do? As a texture, or is there a possibility to make the background of the GLControl transparent (But only the background, not the objects)?

Thanks so far... Thomas


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[Insert name of favorite search engine here] is your friend. ;)

A transparent canvas is not the way to go. Try doing all video reading/decoding/texture uploads in a second context/thread and use the primary thread to cycle through textures of the video stream. (Don't decode only a single frame, preallocate something like 10 spare textures and cache ahead.)

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Also use PBOs when updating your textures. If you want your video to always be in the background clear your depth buffer before drawing anything else. If you need a good video library try ffmpeg you'll have to find a adequate .net wrapper or write your own.

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Thanks to both of you so far.

I'll give it a try. First I have to read something about PBOs; Sounds like a good solution.

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Well, it works so far. The only thing: It takes a lot of CPU-Usage. Does anyone of you know a sample using pbo's? I can't find something useful...

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This is the PBO example I typically refer to: (just drop the "ARB" suffices).

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Thanks for the link. Very good description!
Unfortunatly the cpu-usage is still high. Maybe it comes from the video-source.

But thanks for the help to all

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Hello Thomas,

could you share your solution here? I am really interested in how you managed the opengl overlay objects