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Short video of the OpenBCI Labyrinth project

Available here. This is from an older, beta version of the project which has a few bugs but nothing too serious.

(YouTube video quality is rather meh, btw.)

I'm considering making the source-code for this project available if there is interest. Nothing too fancy or complicated, rather messy (I had to rush towards the end) but with a few interesting features nonetheless: z-only pass, blur, bloom, shadow, water and SSAO effects and an alpha (but quite extensive) version of an OO OpenGL wrapper.

The latter has been folded into the OpenTK demo project that I will be releasing shortly, alongside a few minor site updates.


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Very nice.

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Very good. I would be very nice to have the source code. I guess you do extensive use of shaders and this is an issue that I will soon have to study.

Regards, ...

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Nicely done. What algorithm are you using for shadows? I didn't notice any aliasing.

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I am using plain variance shadow maps. Some aliasing exists but it's only visible in free-flight mode, so I didn't bother with any more exotic methods.

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Definitely interesting, will it include code related to the eye tracking?

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Looking very cool... First time I hear about this input system.
However, you did pretty job in the graphic engine!

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Inertia wrote:

Definitely interesting, will it include code related to the eye tracking?

Not decided yet, but I will probably strip the EEG connection and signal analyzer. The rest of the code will remain intact (3d stereo, shaders, etc).