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OpenTK BOF at SIGGRAPH 2011?


I wanted to see if there is interest or plans for an OpenTK BOF (Birds of a Feather) meeting at SIGGRAPH 2011?

I believe JOGL has had a BOF for a while. Here are their slides from last SIGGRAPH.

It would be fun to bring everyone together (at least those attending SIGGRAPH), and it would also be great exposure for OpenTK.

If there's interest, I'd be happy to organize this or at least help organize, unless, of course, someone else more involved in OpenTK development can do it. The only concern I have is it looks like they charge $250 for a projector! See the FAQ.



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Yes - interest here! I'm working with C#/OpenTK (after a long history with C++/OpenGL.) Getting together with other OpenTK users would be great.

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Unfortunately I can't travel abroad to attend but I would be very interested to see OpenTK getting more attention. It's a very good project with lots of potential and cross platform features.