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Get focus?

Is there way to grab focus for my GameWindow()? I don't seem to get most events on one test system, X11 with apparently no window manager running..


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Try the code from svn trunk. It offers a new CursorVisible property that will grab the cursor and confine it to the window.

Additionally, you will be able to use the new OpenTK.Input.Mouse/Keyboard classes to read input even without window focus (or even without a window at all).

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I see that CursorVisible = false; would call XGrabPointer(). Should this also give me keyboard focus or do I need something else for that?

Edit: Actually I want to keep the cursor visible, and just get the focus so I get the events - something to cause FocusIn, I think - I don't really know much about X11.. XSetInputFocus()?

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You can use polled input to retrieve mouse/keyboard state regardless of input focus:

var mouse = OpenTK.Input.Mouse.GetState();
var keyboard = OpenTK.Input.Keyboard.GetState();

Input focus is determined solely by the OS, unless you grab the cursor with CursorVisible = false. (Note that you can always paint your own cursor through OpenGL - this is what games do).

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I test the functionality of the property CursorVisible, simply fantastic!. Tested on Windows 7 - 32-bit and Ubuntu 10.10 - 64 Bits.
"The Fiddler", thanks for your excellent work.

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Meanwhile I simply installed twm and I was able to get focus into my app. Probably very rare that anyone would run X without a window manager..