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Over the last 20 years I have been using the Hoops3d graphics system from TechSoft to provide rendering and graphical selection of objects in a large engineering application. My last foray into OpenGl was 15 years ago on an SGI Onyx using the GLUT framework to render a simulation there was no picking required.

I have recently started with a new company that is chartered to create a similar engineering system as open source using the .Net framework. The requirements have lead us to OpenGL and the OpenTK GlControl has risen to the top of the list from the 3-4 open source C# OpenGl controls evaluated.

In the Hoops3d system one would apply a filter to the segment tree (scene graph) to specify what you were going to select, ie whole object, face of a shell, line/edge, or vertex. Every graphical item had a key which could be remapped to a reference to the object that generated it. Thus when you selected an item you accessed the key to get the underlying object to operate on.

I have tried to port several picking implementations from other C/C++ projects to the OpenTK GlControl without success, I am sure the issue is with my inability to get my head wrapped around the OpenGL picking model. Does anyone have an example app built on OpenTk's GlControl that implements picking that they would be willing to share?


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If anybody have the sample, Could you please re-post it here or mail me to