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Missing Documentation for OpenAL (Possibly others)

Project:The Open Toolkit library
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Currently, if you search the online API, there are many classes that are not in the online documentation but are present in the Intellisense. From what little I can tell, it appears that the online documentation contains information for classes that are very different from the original OpenAL/OpenGL/OpenCL. Classes that are direct clones, with minor modifications, are the ones that seem missing.

Example: AudioContext has online documentation (I'm fairly sure this was something that the OpenTK originators decided to do); whereas, the AL class is missing (OpenTK.Audio.AL is the official class name).

I am willing to help with this, but I might need some direction before I can dive into it.


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To build the documentation, you need to install doxygen and MiKTeX (the latter is only necessary if you wish to construct the pdf version).

Make sure these are available in your path, open OpenTK.sln, select the "Documentation" configuration and hit compile. The resulting documentation will appear under Documentation/Source/html after ~2 minutes or so.

For some reason, doxygen doesn't generate documentation for Source/OpenTK/Audio/OpenAL/AL/AL.cs. I'm trying to find out why.

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Version:all versions» 1.0-2010-10-06
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From another thread:

Ctank02 wrote:

I would be more than willing to help write this documentation; although, my knowledge is very lacking in OpenAL and OpenCL, so I would appreciate some help from people who are more experienced in those categories (I think this conversation may need to be moved, if it catches anyone's interest).

In an attempt to simplify and speed up development, OpenCL support has been delegated to the Cloo project (link), which has a heavily documented API (at least half of the "source code" is actually documentation). Unfortunately, it won't help you with conceptual problems (as in "What the hell is a command queue?!") , but then the OpenCL spec is much better at this.

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I've attempted to write some documentation for OpenAL here, but it's hard doing so without just citing from the OpenAL SDK, because that already covers both core OpenAL and the Efx Extension.