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What is with the forum spam filter?

I have tried to update some of the documentation pages, but I keep getting an error saying my edit was rejected by the spam filter. Is there any way to get a more detailed error message to explain why it was rejected?

I got a similar message to a couple of forum posts a few months back and, in that particular case, I figured out that the spam filter was rejecting all hyperlinks.


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The spam filter is rather aggressive but spam bots are even more. I tried toning it down and the site was overrun by spam in less than two days.

I'm now taking manual action. If you have issues posting, please PM me and I'll fix the issue (you should now be able to post without issue).

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Add image verification to the registration process and you wont need such aggressive filtering. Half the time I try to post it rejects it.

Or at least disable the spam filter for people who have posted more then x times.