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Offscreen rendering & output on multiple monitors.

I want to render (realtime) to a big offscreen texture, and display parts of that texture in different windows / on different monitors, while controlling parameters from a UI.

My idea :
- Main thread runs the Windows UI,
- spawns a Render-thread that renders stuff to the offscreen texture in the background,
- and creates a couple of output windows, windowed or optionally full-screen, on different monitors.
but how do I handle the "output parts of the rendered texture to multiple monitors" part ?

Each of the output-windows would get it's own render-thread I assume,
and in that I'd bind the offscreen rendered texture to render a quad in the window.

Can anyone help me a bit more on how to make this all work ?
I need to share contexts I think ?
How do I sync the output-window display with the background-render thread ?
General advice ? :)

Cheers !


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OpenTK always tries to share contexts, unless you set GraphicsContext.ShareContexts = false. Check the GraphicsContext documentation.

You can use GL_ARB_sync to sync the offscreen render thread with the output windows.

General advice:

  • Avoid mixing UI toolkits (e.g. WinForms for the main UI and GameWindow for the output windows).
  • Intel drivers do not support context sharing.
  • Context sharing may fail unless you make existing contexts non-current first (context.MakeCurrent(null)).
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and now how can do it, as all gfx cards accept context sharing ??

I need to a background rendering thread to do big jobs and to keep the main thread (UI in GL) at max fps, and smooth for the user.