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compact framework

It's a realy interesting project. I've played a lot with openGl, openAl, newton, etc in the passed and I'am now writing net sw. I'am developping a telemetry system for PDA(it's a flight computer for rc gliders). The prototype was done using Klimt(an openGL ES port) and the gauges were good with smooth movements. I've decided to move to dotnet because of the nice features needed above graphics stuffs. It now render with GDI but I sadely downgraded the frame rate ; an average factor drop of ~4 and gauge needles, GPS representation are not smooth anymore. I'am looking around for some GL bind to dotnet(wm5 and superior) and my question is : do the compact framework is compatible with openTK ? thx for your help


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Sadly, no. My original intention was to separate OpenTK in a CF compatible module and the full library, but had to cut that goal due to lack of time and manpower. As a result, OpenTK currently uses several functions that are not available in the CF.

OpenTK has the following components:

  • OpenTK.Math (should be completely compatible)
  • OpenTK.Input (the interfaces are compatible)
  • OpenTK.Fonts (uses several functions of System.Drawing which might not be compatible)
  • OpenTK.OpenGL (some Reflection functions might not be available, but can be worked around).
  • OpenTK.OpenAL (is OpenAL supported on these devices? ;) )
  • OpenTK.Platform (the heart of the issue. There are a few WINAPI/Windows.Forms functions which are not available, and would need workarounds).

Apart from this, OpenTK contains bindings to the full OpenGL API, not OpenGL ES. However, it is possible to generate bindings to the latter using it's public C headers or it's specs (if they are available).

If you need a solution that works out of the box, I'm afraid OpenTK isn't it. However, I am fairly certain that a motivated individual would be able to port OpenTK to the CF in a reasonable time-frame. The first step is to download the source and try to compile it - a build log would offer an overview of what needs to be done for support :)

Edit: Of course, there is another solution: use the binding generator to create the necessary OpenGL bindings, and code the rest manually ;)