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Accelerated c# gdi+ DrawImage

Hi, I wounder what the best way would be to use OpenGL acceleration on drawing a bitmap using gdi.

My aproach so far has been to draw everything visible, using gdi+ and c#, to a bitmap and then draw that bitmap in a single call.
In that last step I want to draw the bitmap using OpenGL to improve performance.

I'm an experienced c# developer, now shifting to Linux using mono.
And I'm developing medical software on a platform that has opengl harware, dri, Mesa etc.

Hope the question isn't to vauge.

btw, thanks for a great Tool Kit.



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Check the textures example, which shows how to load and render a GDI+ Bitmap as an OpenGL texture.

You can find this in the 'OpenTK.Examples' project in OpenTK.sln.