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0.9.1 progress report: OpenAL bindings

Inertia added support for the EFX OpenAL extensions this weekend, completing support for the open part of the OpenAL API. The only missing bits are the proprietary functions that translate Creative's EAX presets to EFX. Creative have been contacted on this matter, so there are two courses of action right now: either they release the code and we add it to OpenTK.OpenAL (with a note of gratitude), or they don't and we have to do some clean room reverse engineering to get these to work. There is also discussion on adding a few OpenAL helper functions, please voice your opinion on this forum post on OpenAL 1.1.

On another note, an 'AudioContext' class has been added to help in the creation of OpenAL context's. Some unforseen problems have arisen on Linux (AudioContext.MakeCurrent() crashes), but hopefully they will soon be resolved.

As always, you can download the latest code from Sourceforge, and join the development channel on IRC (irc://