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V Sync to which monitor?


I installed OpenTX yesterday and started programming OpenGL for the first time. My software uses two Winforms windows, one control form and a display window (Which contains the GLControl).

The program is for simple 2D animation where i have rendered a quad and i'm swapping textures to get the effect im looking for. The good news it works.
Both Winforms (control and display) are created on Screen 1, i then move the display window on to Screen 2 and maximise.

My question is, given that my monitors have different refresh rates, which vsync is being used to frame limit my displaywindow ? and do i need to select the screen in some way ?

Thanks Jamie


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The while loop is executing as fast as possible, burning CPU time. In most cases, enabling vsync will take care of that (use glControl1.Context.SwapInterval = 1.)

Another thing you can do is measure how many frames you are rendering, and call System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1) to throttle your app when the framerate goes too high.

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Now the movements are smooth and it looks nice!

It wasn't so intuitive to find that in the glControl settings.

Thank you for the answer!