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Mouse capture

There doesnt seam to be mouse capture support in OpenTK yet. That is hiding the mouse cursor and preventing the mouse to leave the window.
Is it on the TODO list already?
If not where would be the right place to implement it?

It is really needed for FPS-like games I think.


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To capture the cursor, set:

CursorVisible = false;

for the GameWindow you are using. This hides and captures the cursor.

If you wish to allow the hidden cursor to leave the window, just set CursorVisible = true once the mouse touches the window border.

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Whoops somehow I didnt see this property... thanks.

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Uhm... you mean GameWindow.CursorVisible? I really cant find that property...

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You need the latest code from SVN. I misread your original post and thought you were using that already.

It's GameWindow.CursorVisible.