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OpenTK.dll.config Is it necessary?

Hi, ...

I found this great project OpenTKGUI, and I was surprised that you do not need OpenTK.dll.config file in the folder of the executable to run on Linux (Ubuntu 10.10 - 64 bit). Do not you understand?

I tried other projects and need to have the file OpenTK.dll.config otherwise when trying to run the program displays the error

System.DllNotFoundException: opengl32.dll
at (wrapper managed-to-native) OpenTK.Graphics.GL/GetProcAddressX11: glxGetProcAddress (string) ...... etc.

as expected.

Any idea what is going on ...

Regards, ... Miguel

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If OpenTK.dll.config is missing, you will encounter undefined behavior. It may run, it may not run or it may blow up in some other, spectacular fashion. For every program that works, another one will fail to run.

Long story short: always distribute OpenTK.dll.config along with OpenTK.dll.

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Thanks for the clarification.