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GameWindow.FocusedChanged should have a bool saying whether we *received* or *lost* focus

GameWindow.FocusedChanged provides no info in its EventArgs, which means I need to check this.Focused to know whether I received focus or lost focus. This is inconsistent with other events such as MouseDevice.Move. I think the EventArgs of FocusedChanged should have a "bool GotFocus". Either that, or FocusedChanged should be split into GotFocus and LostFocus.


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Why duplicate information that's trivially available already?

FocusedChanged += (sender, e) =>
   Console.WriteLine("Focus {0}", Focused ? "received" : "lost ");
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Well, I think it's .NET convention to put all event-related data in the EventArgs, so it's what I expected when I was coding using GameWindow. If you don't see it that way though, no problem.

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Actually, I've tried to follow the BCL conventions as far as possible (not 100%, since much of the code was written before I was even aware of them). In the case of FooChanged events, the convention appears to avoid repeating the value of Foo inside the event. For instance Control.ParentChanged:

public void ParentChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)

I don't if there is an official convention for this, but all FooChanged events I've checked seem to conform to this pattern.

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Yep. You're right.