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Issue when using context menu in GLControl

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Version:all versions

In my application, I am using an userControl inherited from GLControl ( MyChartGL : GLControl ). by overriding the OnPaint() of this control I am drawing graphs.

I need a context menu in the chart window ( MyChartGL is filled in my form and hence i dont have any blanks space left). The issue is that even though the context menu is shown, as I am overriding the OnPaint(), the menu gets cleared. To make it sure, I kept a blank space above my 'MyChartGL ' control and tried. Menu's upper half which is outside the control are remains , but the menu's lower part which came inside the 'MyChartGL ' control got vanished. Can any one please advise me how to handle this issue?


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I am not aware of any solutions to this issue. To the best of my knowledge, this is configuration-specific. It occurs with some video cards on WinXP but not with others - and it doesn't occur at all on Vista or Win7, when Aero is enabled.

My only suggestion is to check whether your context menu is transparent - and disable transparency if it is. I don't know whether context menus can be double-buffered, but this might help too. Finally, you might be able to detect when the context menu overlaps your GLControl and avoid re-rendering the latter when that happens.'s picture


Thank you Fiddler for you response. In my case, The context menu is not transparent. Also I cannot stop rendering the control as the user is still supposed to see the graphs' progress even when context menu is opened. Worst case, I would go for creation of a context menu like appearance using another window. Anyway thanks for your tips and quick response :)